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Music Chain
The Music Chain Starts Here...

A Journey of One-Thousand Miles Starts With A Single Step.


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In Claire's eyes the County Youth Orchestra Easter Residential was always mediocre. The weather was always crap and the location even worse. 2001 wasn't any better; it rained constantly and they had chosen a school, as usual, in the middle of nowhere with tiny little rooms and showers that were either too cold or too hot with never anything in the middle, but the company had improved. This time around it had turned out quite well. She was going to be with her five best friends.
They had all gotten really close on the Christmas course and had been fast friends ever since. Claire, Jess, Lorna, Tarquin, Crit and Callum - Best Friends. All of the members of the County Youth Orchestra, but that was about the only thing that they had in common.
Let's take Claire for example; she was thirteen, blond, and a viola player. She was an outgoing, fun loving girl, who was totally and utterly mad. Lorna on the other hand was the quiet brunette who played the oboe at the age of seventeen; she kept herself to herself as a general rule but still liked to go out partying with the others. Then there was Jess, a sixteen-year-old flute player with dark Mediterranean looks and to go with that, a wild spirit.
Then the guys, there was sixteen year old Callum, he was blond, a trumpet player who was a hit with the ladies but still had the brass section dossy side to him. Crit on the other hand was a hard working percussionist. He was fifteen with dark hair and although he wasn't all that, he'd still had a few girls in his time. Lastly there was Tarquin, fourteen with millionaire parents and a large drug habit - weed only, of course.
They were all different but that's what made them all fit together and that's what made that year on the County Youth Orchestra so special.

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